Dear Friends,
Margo McNeil

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this website and formally announce my decision to run for the Hazelwood School Board in the April 4, 2017 election.

As a former art teacher in the Ferguson Florissant School District, I had the opportunity to teach and learn from many wonderful bright students. Through my own teaching experience, by watching my talented colleagues, and by working with parents and administrators, I learned that all children are eager to learn if they feel safe and loved.

During my years as a State Representative, I focused on improving education by sponsoring legislation to allow schools to extend learning time and to increase early childhood education. As an advocate for full funding of education, I fought against tax credits that reduce revenue. The importance of early childhood education was learned from the Hazelwood & Ferguson/Florissant Early Childhood educators. I served on numerous education committees and founded an Education Caucus for House Democrats. I also chaired the bipartisan Green Schools Caucus and visited energy efficient schools with energy usage that resulted in a net zero cost. My experiences in the classroom, as a Trustee for St Louis Community College and as a State Legislator will inform my decision making as a Hazelwood school board member.

Hazelwood has challenging days ahead as it addresses its financial deficits. I believe in transparency, in parent and teacher involvement, and in prioritizing our needs. There is no institution more important to a community than its schools and therefore the community should be part of the solution.

Children are our future and every child deserves a great public school education. Keeping and improving public schools was my focus in the legislature and will be my focus as a member of the Hazelwood School Board.

I look forward to meeting with the Hazelwood community to hear your views and to answering questions you might have of me.


Margo McNeil